Development and Operations Division


Development, operations and sales promotion District administration, management and coordination of external agencies


Implement, promote, manage and supervise crop insurance, livestock insurance, life and general insurance and health insurance related to the implementation of tasks related to the Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance Act at the field level, Collecting data and statistics, identifying the optimal sales potential for those schemes and implementing them in a way that results in high efficiency, continuing the operational process in a planned manner and leading the related managers and field staff.

Implementation of all the insurance schemes of the board at the field level, continuous maintenance of the operational process, continuous supervision, preparation of the annual operational plan (Operational Plan),Assisting the supervisory officers and head of the department to implement the related insurance schemes at the field level in a manner that results in high efficiency.

To plan and direct the marketing process of the Board’s Crop Insurance, Life Insurance and General Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Health Insurance and Social Security Schemes in such a way as to achieve high efficiency and provide optimum customer service. Identify and optimize sales potential by conducting marketing research and feasibility studies. For that purpose, creating publicity and awareness programs, using marketing methods.

Executive Officers

Mr. K. A. D. C. G. Kodippili

Director (Operations)

Mr. Chatura Samarawickrama

Assistant Director (Marketing)