To be the ideal Agricultural Insurance Institute in

South Asia by being the foremost protector in local agriculture


To provide an internationally recognized excellent service

through collective efforts and coordination with the relevant institutions for the provision of Agricultural Insurance and benefits


  • • Risk management in respect of agricultural crops
  • • Risk management for other movable and immovable property of farmers
  • • Risk management of livestock belonging to farmers
  • • Securing the farmer and fisher communities through social security and insurance schemes
  • • Obtaining local and international quality assurance certificates relevant to the institution
  • • Promotion of developmental, operational activities and sales
  • • District administration, management and coordination of external organizations
  • • Planning and development of institutional human and physical resources
  • • Management of procurements and supplies
  • • Offering assistance in the implementation of Acts
  • • Planning, monitoring and evaluation for the attaining of corporate objectives
  • • Building a formal internal control mechanism and minimizing shortcomings in the administrative process
  • • Ensuring sustainable financial strength through a profitable growth
  • • Use of information technology and GIS methods for regularizing institutional processes