As the cost of cultivation of all the crops has increased at present, the insurance schemes were updated for the crops which are in high demand in the following markets as compared to it. Accordingly, compulsory crop insurance should be done as follows and the nature of this insurance scheme based on government insurance premium contributions will be revised based on changes in government policy.

Reserve amount per acre is Rs. If less than 100,000, all natural hazards including flood, drought and wild elephant risks are covered and the insured amount is Rs. 100,000 or more and all risks are covered.

Nature of InsuranceRisk CoverageInsurance Premium (In Sum Assured per Acre)
Sum assured per acre is less than Rs.100,000/-All natural hazards including flood, drought and wild elephants
100,000/- per acreAll risksIf the sum insured for sister is Rs.100,000/- then the insurance premium for Rs.100,000/- is 6.4% = 6,400/-
100,000/- more per acreAll risksIn addition to the 6.4% insurance premium up to Rs.100,000/- per acre, an additional insurance premium of 9% will be charged for the amount exceeding Rs.100,000/-.

To get Insurance for your Crop Insurance Scheme

Meet the District Offices of Agriculture and Rural Insurance Board/ Representatives of Agriculture and Rural Insurance Board/ Agricultural Research and Production Assistant Officers in your area.