Pension Division


Securing the farming and fishing community through social security and life insurance schemes


Implementation of the tasks related to the Farmer Pension and Social Security Benefit Scheme Act and the Farmer Pension and Social Security Benefit Scheme Act, planning, directing, presenting policy proposals, continuing and managing related schemes for high efficiency. Doing Collection, processing, analysis and drawing conclusions, observations and recommendations of data related to recruitment, charging of premiums and post-mortgage related to pension and social security benefit schemes, implementation of promotional activities, payment of pension, gratuity and compensation Execution of proceedings.

Executive Officers

Mr. Kelum Kaluarachchi

Director (Pensions)

Ms. B. R. Kaushalya

Assistant Director (Pensions)

Mrs. Dilangani Fernando

Assistant Director (Pensions)

Mr. Suranga Withana

Assistant Director (Pensions)